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If you are looking for laptop repair or MacBook Repair in and around Westchester County, you have come to the right place. We are experts in all types of repair for MacBooks and laptops of any make or model including MacBook or laptop screen replacement.

Our laptop and macbook repairs are carried out at our workshop in Westchester County. Very often we can fix laptops by the next day. We can handle both laptop software and hardware issues. Our experts can also can also take care of laptop battery replacement and any other laptop repairs.

Pick up & drop off service available.

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Common repairs that we work on include:

Common problems:
  • Laptop is running slow
  • Laptop has a virus
  • Annoying adverts are popping up
  • Laptop won’t connect to internet
  • Laptop won’t charge
  • Device will not turn on
  • Blue screen error
  • Device gets very hot or noisy
  • Black screen error
Physical damage repair service:
  • Cracked laptop screen
  • Missing keyboard keys
  • Laptop Water or liquid damage
Data recovery, Hard disk issues:
  • Lost or deleted data
  • Windows or OSX won’t boot

Also upgrades available for your Laptop/PC/Macbook/iMAC:

  • Memory (RAM) upgrade
  • Graphics card upgrade
  • Hard disk drive upgrade (either for more storage space or for super fast speed – SSD)
  • Custom PCs build for more demanding customers (graphic designers, gamers etc.)

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